Shane Feldman

Shane Feldman is a Canadian teenager committed to making the world a better place. With previous clients ranging from the Canadian Cancer Society to the York Region Police to International Student Leadership Conference, Shane is an inspiring social innovator impacting audiences of every genre.

In 2013, Shane was named one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20 by the Orders Of Canada panel.

As founder and executive director of Count Me In, the largest youth-run initiative promoting volunteerism, Shane has inspired thousands of young people to lead positive change by helping connect them with local causes and opportunities.

At the age of 13, Shane experienced a difficult transition into high school. But before long, Shane’s dark freshman year began to take the shape of an uplifting national movement. After weeks of lunches eaten along and no luck at making new friends, Shane approached his guidance councillor, Mr. Conte, for help. With the help and encouragement of Mr. Conte, Shane was signed up for every club, council and school initiative that remotely resembled his hobbies and interests. Shane found his key to happiness: getting involved. He suddenly had new friends, was enjoying school, and was actually waking up in the morning excited to start each day. Shane wanted to share this amazing feeling. He decided to organize an assembly to inspire his classmates to become engaged in the school community. Little did he know this small school assembly would one day take the shape of an internationally recognized organization: “Count Me In”.

Shane’s passion was contagious and before long students at other schools were anxious to join in. That small school assembly is now the largest youth-run empowerment event of its kind, and has reached out to more than 1 million people across Canada, and other parts of the world.

Count Me In Conference features inspirational young leaders, celebrity speakers and empowering performers, and brings students together with organizations looking for volunteers.

In April 2012, Shane was recognized by the Canadian House of Commons for his work on Count Me In. He was honoured at the 6th Annual Character Community Awards Celebration in Ontario with the Citizen of Character Award.

Shane has also been acknowledged several times in the Ontario Legislature by MPP Dipika Damerla, who praised the success of Count Me In.

When he’s not working on Count Me In, Shane is speaking at schools, conferences and special events, and working with non-profits and corporations on their youth engagement strategies.