Michelle Dagnino

Michelle is an internationally recognized Gen-Y innovator, speaker, writer, and serial social entrepreneur. She has spoken to thousands of people around the world from students to educators, from workers to bosses about the issues affecting Gen Y, also known as Millennials, also known as “those kids living in your basement”. She uses statistics, compiled as psychographics and demographics to tell the stories of the generations. These fact-based, funny, and inspiring presentations leave audiences laughing, and empowered with new knowledge to take to their workplaces, schools, homes and communities.

Michelle is the recipient of YWCA Young Woman of Distinction award, and in 2006 was named by The Globe and Mail and the Women’s Executive Network as one of Canada’s Top 100: Most Powerful Women. The Toronto Star named her “a woman to buoy the soul”, and Maclean’s magazine named her one of Canada’s top 30 under 30. She is the subject of two documentaries. She is the founder of Aspire, a mentorship group for young women, and Where is the Love?, a media literacy program using hip hop as a tool of education and outreach.

She likes detective novels and beaches, and dislikes carrots and exercise. In a betrayal of her Gen-Y credentials she cannot figure out how to change her profile picture in the new Facebook timeline, and has never quite learned how to work her Mac. She’s trying to figure out how to have it all, but will settle for two free hours to watch Magic Mike.

Michelle holds a Masters of Arts in Political Science, and Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Osgoode Hall Law School. She was called to the Bar in 2007.