David Common

David Common could be called a veteran journalist, but as the youngest of CBC’s foreign news correspondents, he doesn’t like the word ‘veteran’!

David is currently the New York Bureau Chief and Correspondent, the primary face for CBC Television and Radio in the largest city in the US. He was previously the European Correspondent based in Paris, and has also worked in London, Toronto, Regina, Winnipeg and Fredericton.

David is a tech leader for the Corporation, encouraging the use of smart phones and other technology to deliver content faster, and with less expense.

He’s reported from more than fifty countries, including conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Pakistan and Libya. David also has extensive experience covering natural disasters, such as the Japanese tsunami and the earthquake in Haiti.

A native of Winnipeg, who grew up in Toronto, David also travels extensively in Canada including to the north, visiting aboriginal communities and mining operations. He spent nearly a month in the summer of 2012 on a Coast Guard icebreaker, mapping out the northwest passage for supertankers and other cargo vessels which will soon ply the Arctic waters year-round.

David’s wife and two young daughters somehow tolerate his frequent and unpredictable absences.