We often get asked for speakers who can speak to the topic of Mental Health.    As an agent, I have found it interesting in how each of my speakers take such unique approaches in addressing this issue.

Take Steven Page for instance.  Steven approaches the topic through the honesty of his own personal struggles.  “I never realized I had any problems. I think a lot of us who deal with mental health struggles experienced that. Because stress is such a huge part of everybody’s life … Sadness, grief, those are all things we all deal with. The healthy brain processes it and learns to cope with it and overcome it. Sometimes the sick brain gets stuck in it.”  Steven’s ability to be forthcoming allows us all to do the same.

Seamus O’Regan’s approach is how we can all get better at communicating about mental health and lose the shame that often comes along with talking about it.  He has been a spokesperson for Bell Let’s Talk day (alongside Clara Hughes) for the past two years.  Here is a clip of Seamus discussing mental health with George Stroumboulopoulos on The Hour.

Mental illness is nothing new, but I for one am so proud to see the strides that we are making in addressing this long overdue topic.