Whose Line is it Anyway?  Well it might be our very own speaker’s, Colin Mochrie!

It has been nine years since this wildly popular show was on ABC, and has now returned to the CW Network.

In a USA Today article, Mochrie is quoted as saying “”It’s interesting to be on the network where I could be the grandfather of every character on every other show,” Mochrie, 55, says of CW’s younger demographic.  

He says those viewers may be looking for something different in comedy, and the unpredictable, rapid-fire Whose Line format provides entertainment for a broad audience.

“I find it hard watching sitcoms these days, because I find a lot of times, they fall into a formula. There’s almost a mathematical equation where you can come up with the punch lines to the jokes before them,” Mochrie says. “With our show, because we don’t know what the punch lines are or the setups, there’s this constant surprise, and I think that was one of the endearing qualities about it.”

For more – USA TODAY.