Other the past two years, the demand for speakers on anti-bullying has grown exponentially.  Michelle Dagnino is our favourite expert on the topic.  We recently booked Michelle to speak for a group of school board administrators in North Bay, Ontario.  Here is how Michelle approaches the topic:

The Apology Project: Strategies and Solutions for Dealing with Bullying

While the issue of bullying has been in the media spotlight more recently, it is a problem of all generations. Cyber tools have made the bullying more invasive than ever before, but the cause roots are the same – regardless of background factors – and we can begin to address them through effective tools of youth engagement.  For both bullies and the bullied there are strategies for overcoming their struggles and insecurities. In this presentation, Michelle draws on 15 years of experience as a youth worker, and as one of the country’s leading experts on youth engagement, to deliver a series of scenarios dealing with both bullies and the bullied. Providing strategies to employ both in school and at home, Michelle will support participants to think about practical ways to help youth overcome the causes and impacts of bullying.