Seth Mattison

Anticipating talent trends is a key determinant of success. Attracting, retaining, developing, and promoting outstanding talent is one of the critical capabilities that distinguish successful companies now and in the future. Leaders must have a clear view of what it will take to lead, manage, and retain a dynamic workforce from around the world. Internationally renowned expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics, Seth Mattison’s presentations help leaders and human resources professionals understand and engage the changing workforce.

Mattison blends storytelling from his own experiences working with many Fortune 100 organizations, with cutting-edge research to shed new light on the key trends impacting each generation in the workplace today. His engaging and highly customized programs provide insight into how each generation developed its core values, how those values manifest at work, and why the generations can not only operate alongside each other, but can do so with extraordinary success. To date, Mattison’s clients include Deloitte, Johnson and Johnson, Kraft, Prudential, and AT&T, among many others.