Rachel Brown and Sarah Jacobs

With a deep and personal understanding of the benefits of holistic health, Rachel Brown and Sarah Jacobs travel the country working with companies and organizations to bring real, lasting healthy change to the lives of their people. Marrying holistic health and entertainment, the two break down the complicated world of wellness, making it attainable and accessible for everyone. They take health seriously, but approach it with a serious sense of humor.

Rachel and Sarah are certified holistic nutritional counselors and health coaches with a firm belief in focusing on the connection between the mind and the body to achieve total wellbeing. Their workshops and digital curriculums touch on topics such as the mind-blowing microbiome, hacking happiness, the science of sleep, and how to use food as medicine.

Rachel is a licensed Holistic Health & Nutritional Counselor and certified Yoga Teacher. Before co-founding TWP, Rachel spent 10+ years advising well-known global brands on how to foster a more organic relationship with their consumers. This put her front and center in a fast paced and highly “connected” marketplace only to realize how disconnected we truly are. Her mission is to support others in (re)discovering their unique and personal health, and to help each person she reaches make choices that will fully nourish them – mind, body & spirit.

Sarah Jacobs is an award winning actor, freelance writer, health warrior, and autoimmune survivor. Fighting an intense bout of chronic fatigue, debilitating IBS, and shocking alopecia at the age of 28, and against the unhelpful advice of many traditional doctors, she was able to cure herself using only holistic practices and lifestyle changes. Since that diagnosis, she’s become a Certified Holistic Health and Nutritional Counselor, and utilizes her background in entertainment to teach people all over the country with the co-founding of The Wellness Project. She also has her own health coaching practice, Smart-Mouthed Health. Sarah’s writing and contributing content can be seen in Huffington Post, Bustle, The Active Times, Mother Nature Network, among others.

From busy American Express employees at their corporate headquarters in NYC to women looking for transformational experiences at Campowerment high in the hills of Malibu, everyone that attends a TWP workshop leaves feeling inspired and empowered to change their lives for the better. We all have a health story – our lives are dependent on the wellbeing of our bodies, and The Wellness Project has a way of making a seemingly difficult goal with complicated issues finally feel like a surmountable task. Their goal is to lead you to a healthier, happier life …all while having fun and enjoying the process.