Jack Gallagher

For most of his life, Jack Gallagher has been entertaining. First as a kid for his family and then for his friends and teachers at school. Jack started his professional comedy career in Boston during the early 80’s. As part of that explosive comedy scene, Jack helped establish such clubs as The Comedy Connection, Stitches and the legendary Ding Ho Comedy Club.

After moving to Los Angeles, Jack became a regular at The Improvisation and added big screen credits to his resume by landing a leading role in Shakes the Clown with Bob “Bobcat” Goldthwaite. He has also appeared in Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood and was featured in the made for TV movie Incident at Ruby Ridge.

A three time Emmy award winner for his work on PBS, Jack has also appeared on virtually every late night talk show from Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show to Late Night with Conan O’Brien. More recently Jack has made a name for himself as the author of 6 one- man performances including A Different Kind Of Cool a keynote that focuses on the relationship between him and his son, Liam, who is a child with autism.

Hailed as a story that “perfectly portrays the struggles of a parent with a child with autism,” Jack is currently presenting a keynote version of the keynote to parent, civic and educational groups across the country. Perfect as an opening or closing session, Jack presents a funny, relatable and ultimately moving portrayal of a parent struggling to understand a child who he comes to realize is truly A Different Kind Of Cool.