Emily Núñez Cavness

Named a Forbes 30 Under 30 Fellow, White House Champion of Change, and Women’s Health magazine cover girl, Emily Núñez Cavness has captured the world through her socially conscious company, Sword & Plough, and trailblazing experiences as a U.S. Army intelligence officer. Motivated to strengthen civil-military understanding, empower veteran employment, and reduce waste, Emily co-founded Sword & Plough with her sister, Betsy Núñez, at the age of 22. Sword & Plough is a veteran-owned, socially conscious fashion company that repurposes thousands of pounds of military surplus. Sword & Plough combines these durable materials with other military grade fabrics, and incorporates them into stylish bag and accessory designs. Sword & Plough works with U.S. manufacturers that are owned or partially operated by veterans and donates 10% of profits to veteran initiatives. Business Insider named Sword & Plough one of the Top 20 Most Inspiring Companies of 2014 and one of the 50 Coolest New Businesses in America in 2015. The social enterprise has been featured in over 200 media outlets including Good Morning America, the Today Show, Fox & Friends, Esquire, Oprah Magazine, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

During her military service, Emily graduated from Airborne School, served in the 4th Engineer Battalion, deployed to Afghanistan, was the first female intelligence officer to serve in 10th Special Forces Group, and was one of the first 100 women to try out for the U.S. Army’s Ranger Training Assessment Course. She is a sought after motivational and inspirational speaker whose talks have been heard by over a ¼ million people. On stage, Emily draws on her unique entrepreneurial and military leadership experiences to inspire, inform, and empower diverse audiences. Her expertise is sought after by Fortune 500 companies, as well as educational, government, and community organizations. Recent engagements include speaking at Oprah Magazine, Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Middlebury College, and the Texas Women’s Conference. Emily earned her B.A. in International Studies from Middlebury College. She sits on the board of The Positivity Project.