For our first of the monthly Candid Conversations series, we asked Movember co-founder Adam Garone to answers some questions about what he’s Outspoken about and how that translates to his keynote speeches.


OA: What are you Outspoken about?


AG: Leadership, entrepreneurship, and men’s health

OA: How has your recent work [or campaigns with Movember] transformed the focus of your content when delivering a speech?


AG: I think more and more about [my] legacy. When you’re 90 years old sitting in a chair looking back on your life, what will you be most proud of? What did you create that had an impact? What will by your legacy?


OA: How do speaking events help your organization’s growth?


AG: One of the starting aims of Movember back in 2004 was to inspire a new generation of social entrepreneurs. Back then, no one except the uber rich started a charity. Now it’s common and having an amazing impact. In my speeches, I aim to inspire others to think big, create something that matters, and make this world a happier, healthier, safer place.


OA: What would you like to see happen more often at events to engage with the audience?


AG: Being present and engaged during the talk is key. It’s tough when everyone has their heads down on their devices. I vibe off the audience which creates a better atmosphere for learning and dialogue. Let’s save the tweets and posts until after the talk.


OA: What has been one of the most fulfilling audience experiences at speaking events?


AG: Recently, I spoke at Melbourne Business School in Australia on workplace culture and the impact of happiness on profits, productivity and creativity. There were 80 people in the room. I set up the conversation as a 20 minute talk with the next hour to jam on different ideas and experiences. The conversation just flowed. The energy was amazing because we were living the topic—we were happy and, because of that, the creativity flowed.


OA: How can people become more involved with your organization?


AG: Men are still dying too young. We need your support to grow a moustache, take the move challenge or host a fundraising event at


OA: If you could hear someone give a speech alive or dead, who would it be and why?


AG: Lady Diana because she broke the rules and changed the world.